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Jan. 4th, 2010 04:14 pm
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Hello Everyone, I figured that it'd be best if I posted my plans for this coming round of OOMs so everyone has them clear.

First-Study Scene-Touchstone, Ellimere, Sameth, brief talk with dialogue from canon and then heading to the reservoir. Its set up and the order that looks best is Touchstone, Sam, Ellie.

Reservoir-Again keeping to canon and I'd love it if either Touchstone or Sabriel perhaps posted this one so we have another point of view on it.

Then the letter from Nick-I was thinking that this is something Aspen and I could figure out how to do since she does have Nick.

After that the workroom scene with Sameth and Ellimere and Ashie's volunteered to set this up in Ellie's journal to again have another point of view.

Then I'll do a series of OOMs with Sameth figuring out his disguise and plan. He'll end up finding the Bar near the Inn and before all that trouble so that he can be berated for his plan then be thrown into the rest of the plot.

After that things are simpler, there's the scene in the Inn which I was planning on doing as just one OOM then Saph and I can start putting together the Yrael and Sam OOMs or even just a few good long ones should cover the time before they meet with Lirael.

Please comment and add your own ideas. I've had all of this in my head for a while so I'm writing it out here so everyone can see and still agree with the plan. Also please post and use this journal for plotting needs. Thank you again for choosing to do this.
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The study was quiet as all the lights were being lit in Beliaeasare, Charter lights and oil lights, candles and fires that flickered and shifted in the city below just visible from the tall study window high above the city.

(OOC: This scene will follow the part in canon before they head to the reservoir with an order of Touchstone, Sameth and then Ellimere.)


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